SOFT sTARTERS & motor protection

Full range of Soft Starters: LV - Up To 1200 KW, MV – 3.3, 6.6 and 11KV input Voltage 

NZIND supply various brands to market based on customer specification or application requirements. We specialise in supplying complete  solutions to our customers. Our aim is to offer an engineered solution to our clients based on years of industry experience and know-how.

Available from 200V through to 11KVac and power ratings exceeding 1200 kW.

  • New Gen Electronic Soft Starter,Simple to Install, Set-up & Operate
  • Controlled starting/stopping,Built-in Protection for connected motor
  • Extensive Diagnostics, RS485, USB, Devicenet & Profibus options
  • C-Tick and CE approved


  • Pumps, Fans/blowers
  • Conveyors , Mixers
  • Machines in Forest Industry
  • Crushers etc.

Medium Voltage Soft Starter

3.3KV, 6.6KV & 11KV

• IP54 Panel

• Advanced motor protection

• Complete By-Pass

LV - Soft Start (TMC 7 series)

basic applicaions

• 7.5Kw to 110Kw

• 200 - 440 VAC

• Built-in by-pass contacts and motor protection

LV - Soft Starter (TSM 9 series)

Demanding and advanced applications

•  7.5Kw to 800Kw

• 200 VAC to 525 VAC (+/- 10%), built in motor protection

• Built-in bypass up to 110 kW

Motor Protection

Digital, fully featured, Motor Protection Relay with Temperature Sensor

True RMS measurement at a sampling rate of 0.5mSec 

Display of motor's operating data, fault and statistical data     Early warning

 Programmable Inputs/Outputs     RS485 for communication 

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Our Industrial portfolio includes, but is not limited to: Low Voltage Electric Motors and Drives (up to 1,500KW); Medium Voltage Motors and Drives (up to 20,000KW); Low Voltage Soft Starters (Small to 800KW), Medium Voltage Soft Starters (3.3,6.6 or 11KV).

Other products include: Industrial LED lighting, Motor protection, Transformers and Power generation equipment.

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